Fake Doctor Notes – Making the Doctor’s Note Look Real

Professionals who lie to their bosses about their doctors note for work find in the forgery of medical certificates a chance to “get away” from the claims. These facts are among the most damaging to companies and employees. It is not hard to find doctors note templateon the web, however this figures a serious crime that should not be accepted or practiced by anyone. Even though this kind of practice can be seen all over the world, it is important to keep in mind that issuing fake doctors excuse is a crime for both the employee and for the person who issued the fake document.

The doctors note for work and companies

Regardless of whether the company is large or small, the relationship of employee and employer should be reliable and doctors note for work that are fake would definitely break such trust. But some pros are abusive. Increasingly companies receive fake doctors excuse as proof of missing work and often do not seek to prove that document is true. Forgery of medical certificates or any other type of document is considered a crime. According to lawyers, this attitude can lead to serious punishment. The person delivering any type of forged document will receive a punishment for two crimes. The first will be administrative, that is, it will be fired with a reason. The other will be forgery of a public document, which in this case becomes a crime. The penalty for this crime may be up to six years of imprisonment and, depending on the case, without bail. Read more.

How fake doctors excuse affect companies

From a labor point of view, the process of dealing with fake doctors excuse is internal to the company. That is, it can culminate in dismissal for just cause of the employee. The lawyer says that a court case is not necessary. The company must have strong elements to prove the allegation, should the dismissal be questioned in court. Going to court only causes distress and extra expenses.

Many doctors and health professionals responsible for issuing doctors note for work complain about the difficulty of filing a complaint. In our current situation a stamp is worth more than a signature. If we go to a police station to report this type of crime they say that between a murder and a false document, the first option is the one that must be taken care of.

Technology helps fightfake doctors excuse

The operation of certain tools that help keep track of doctors note for work across the world consists of the issuance of online certificates made by the doctors. Immediately, an e-mail containing the document is sent to the company that the patient works proving the consultation. Falsifying the doctors note for work was what led to the creation of the application. The main stimulus was to see a doctor being injured by a false statement. And to make matters worse, being issued by a nursing technician. For more information visit: http://fakedocnotes.com